Independant VW Service & Repair for Los Angeles Drivers

European automobiles like Volkswagen require and deserve the best in care. You’ve made an investment in the high quality and performance of your car, and that entails taking it in for service and repairs that live up to those standards. At Mezian Motors, we’ve spent over three decades putting our passion for European cars into our business and work ethic. To fully respect a vehicle, you can’t cut corners or settle for less than the best in VW service and repairs. Our Los Angeles, CA-area clientele count on our Volkswagen-certified technicians and their expertise in this European staple of the automotive industry. Thinking of purchasing an Volkswagen? We recommend having a $150 Pre-purchase inspection done to make sure you don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises.

Dependable Service for Your Volkswagen

Mezian Motors’ certified technicians perform the necessary maintenance and other services to keep on track with VW service schedules, including:
o Oil changes with high-quality full synthetic oil
o Brake service, including inspection and repairs
o Replacement of air and pollen filters
o Battery replacement
o Multi-point inspection of components including:
o Windshield
o Wiper blades
o Engine Hoses and drive belts
o Battery terminal and cables
o Shocks and struts
o Engine air filter
o Tail lamps, side lamps, hazard signal, and headlights
o Pollen filter
o Fluid levels
o CV boots and joints
o Front and rear brakes
o Exhaust system

Certified Repair Technicians

  • Vehicle inspections: For all VW services, including repairs, we use genuine Volkswagen OEM parts to ensure the best compatibility and performance. Our Volkswagen-certified technicians perform every VW brake repair, transmission repair, clutch repair, suspension repair, and AC repair with the specialized training for
    proficiency in this particular make of vehicles. Whether you just need a recharge for your air conditioning or your automatic or manual transmission requires a complete rebuild, Mezian Motors provides only genuine parts and services tailored to your car. Don’t leave your VW service and repairs in the hands of a generic automotive service provider. Make sure you bring your vehicle to certified professionals with the distinctive skillset for European automobiles like Mezian Motors. Give us a call today to schedule service for your vehicle.


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