5 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

  • Stalling
  • Bad fuel efficiency
  • Hard time starting the vehicle
  • Lack of power and performance
  • Misfiring or hesitation from the vehicle

What Does A Tune-Up Do? And How Often Do I Need One?

A tune-up makes sure your car is performing and operating at its best. Many parts are inspected and replaced due to wear and tear. It replaces parts like spark plugs, making sure there is proper combustion in the car. Another example is replacing filters like the fuel filter keeps the engine clean from any dirt or debris. Every car is different and has a factory recommended timeline of when it should have its tune- up. You can always check your vehicle service manual for your vehicle specifications.

What Does A Tune-Up Consist Of?

  • A full tune-up can consist of the following:
  • Check and replace spark plugs
  • Check and replace rotors
  • Check and clean fuel injectors
  • New fuel and air filter
  • Replace PCV valve
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Inspect ignition, timing, choke, and idle
  • Inspect emissions system and manifold intake
  • Inspect compression system
  • Inspect distributor cap
  • Check and inspect battery
  • Check vehicle computer
  • Inspect all belts and safety

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