Independant BMW Repair 

If you drive any model of BMW, you have made a significant investment in your vehicle, so you will want to find the right mechanic to repair and service your car. Mezian Motors is your resource for BMW repairs and maintenance in the Los Angeles area, because our shop has over 15 years of experience working on BMW vehicles, and we are passionate about European cars. In addition, we’ve invested in the latest technology and equipment to provide factory-quality service with the personal touch and expertise of ASE-certified mechanics who love fixing cars. By bringing your car to us, you can avoid spending more than you need to on repairs at the dealership, and you won’t be gambling with a non-specialized mechanic who is not familiar with the intricacies of your luxury vehicle. Thinking of purchasing an BMW? For just $150 we recommend having a Pre-purchase inspection done to make sure you buy a vehicle performing at its best.


Common BMW Mechanical Issues

Though BMW has a well-earned reputation for both quality and performance, there are some common issues these vehicles experience. If you have a check engine light illuminated, we can diagnose the cause and fix it the first time around. We can also provide repairs for cooling system malfunctions, radiator problems, and worn out brake pads and rotors.


BMW Maintenance

Even if your BMW does not have mechanical issues, you should still visit the shop for regular maintenance. It’s just as important to seek the services of a shop specializing in European vehicles for maintenance as it is for repairs, so do not compromise with other shops for your oil changes, tune-ups, and transmission fluid changes. When you visit us for maintenance services, we’ll be sure to walk you through every service your car needs as well as future services you may want to schedule as you hit certain mileage points. We can also provide performance tuning to give you an even more thrilling experience every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

Service Specials

Just because you drive a BMW does not mean that you should pay more for repairs and maintenance services. That’s why Mezian Motors has several service specials, including 20% off suspension repair, $25 off any $200 service, $50 off any $375 service, and $10 off for first-time customers.

Along with exceptional, specialized BMW service with an affordable price tag, you can expect a personalized customer service experience when you visit Mezian Motors in Los Angeles. You might even chat with our owner, Harry Mezian, who has over 40 years of experience in the business and loves to talk about everything related to cars.

BMW Service

BMW’s require Inspections 1 and 2. We’ve broken down for you what each inspection consists of to help give you an idea of what to expect.

Under the hood

  • Scan and read vehicle diagnostic system with a scanner
  • Check all fluids and levels, including: antifreeze, coolant, brake, clutch, and windshield washer fluid
  • Inspect all engine cooling system and heater hose connections for leaks
  • Air conditioning (AC) inspection
  • Battery load test and inspection
  • Reset service indicator

Body and interior

  • Check interior and exterior lighting
  • Check indicator lights, instrument panel, and dashboard for illumination and control
  • Wiper and washer system inspection
  • All door and closure inspections, grease if necessary
  • Check heating and air blowers and defoggers for functionality
  • Verify mirrors are in working order

Tires and Wheels

  • Check all tires for proper tire pressure, including spare
  • Examine tires for wear and tread, realignment if necessary
  • Grease wheel center hubs

Inspection I

Inspection I, carried out with the following guidelines:

1991 & Before: Every 15,000 miles

1992-1998: Every 20,000 miles

1999 & On: Every 30,000 miles

Under the car

  • Change oil and replace oil filter
  • Check engine is running at the correct temperature
  • Inspect of power steering system and rear axle
  • Inspect fuel connections, lines, tanks, and check for any transmission leaks
  • Check exhaust system condition and secure positioning and mounting. Check for any possibly leaks
  • Inspect front control arm and bushings
  • Check steering system and condition
  • Clean brake pad contact points, check brake disc surfaces and brake pad thickness
  • Inspect brake lines and clutch system connectors for leaks and damages
  • Check and inspect parking brake cables

Final Test

  • Technician takes the vehicle out for a short road test

Inpsection II

1991 & Before: 30,000 mile Intervals

1992-1998: 40,000 mile Intervals

1999 & On: 60,000 mile Intervals

Everything covered in Inspection I is repeated with Inspection II, in addition to:

  • Parking brake lining inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Flexible boots are checked for any leaks
  • Visual inspection of rust on the body of the vehicle

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