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BMW’s require Inspections 1 and 2. We’ve broken down for you what each inspection consists of to help give you an idea of what to expect.

Under the hood

  • Scan and read vehicle diagnostic system with a scanner
  • Check all fluids and levels, including: antifreeze, coolant, brake, clutch, and windshield washer fluid
  • Inspect all engine cooling system and heater hose connections for leaks
  • Air conditioning (AC) inspection
  • Battery load test and inspection
  • Reset service indicator

Body and interior

  • Check interior and exterior lighting
  • Check indicator lights, instrument panel, and dashboard for illumination and control
  • Wiper and washer system inspection
  • All door and closure inspections, grease if necessary
  • Check heating and air blowers and defoggers for functionality
  • Verify mirrors are in working order

Tires and Wheels

  • Check all tires for proper tire pressure, including spare
  • Examine tires for wear and tread, realignment if necessary
  • Grease wheel center hubs

Inspection I

Inspection I, carried out with the following guidelines:

1991 & Before: Every 15,000 miles

1992-1998: Every 20,000 miles

1999 & On: Every 30,000 miles

Under the car

  • Change oil and replace oil filter
  • Check engine is running at the correct temperature
  • Inspect of power steering system and rear axle
  • Inspect fuel connections, lines, tanks, and check for any transmission leaks
  • Check exhaust system condition and secure positioning and mounting. Check for any possibly leaks
  • Inspect front control arm and bushings
  • Check steering system and condition
  • Clean brake pad contact points, check brake disc surfaces and brake pad thickness
  • Inspect brake lines and clutch system connectors for leaks and damages
  • Check and inspect parking brake cables

Final Test

  • Technician takes the vehicle out for a short road test

Inpsection II

1991 & Before: 30,000 mile Intervals

1992-1998: 40,000 mile Intervals

1999 & On: 60,000 mile Intervals

Everything covered in Inspection I is repeated with Inspection II, in addition to:

  • Parking brake lining inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Flexible boots are checked for any leaks
  • Visual inspection of rust on the body of the vehicle

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